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The Boy Scouts of America operates the following councils to administer scouting programs for this region:

  1. Alameda Council - Oakland Region
  2. California Inland Empire Council - Inland Empire / Desert Regions
  3. Crater Lake Council - Southern Oregon and California Northern Border Region (Modoc, Del Norte, Humboldt and Siskiyou Counties)
  4. Golden Empire Council - Sacramento Valley / Lake Tahoe
  5. Greater Los Angeles Area Council -
  6. Greater Yosemite Council - Merced Region
  7. Las Vegas Area Council - Mojave Desert Region
  8. Long Beach Area Council -
  9. Los Padres Council - Santa Barbara / Central Coast Region
  10. Marin Council - San Francisco Bay Area
  11. Mount Diablo Silverado Council - Contra Costa County Region
  12. Nevada Area Council - Northeastern California and Northern Nevada
  13. Orange County Council -
  14. Pacific Skyline Council -San Francisco Bay Area
  15. Piedmont Council CA - San Francisco Bay Area - Berkeley Region
  16. Redwood Empire Council - Northern California Coastline
  17. San Diego-Imperial Council -
  18. San Francisco Bay Area Council -San Francisco Bay Area
  19. Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council -
  20. Sequoia Council - Fresno, Madera, Kings and Tulare Counties
  21. Southern Sierra Council - Bakersfield Region
  22. Ventura County Council -
  23. Verdugo Hills Council - San Fernando Valley Region
  24. Western Los Angeles County Council

Defunct Boy Scout Councils Edit

  1. Los Angeles Area Council -
  2. Monterey Bay Area Council -
  3. Old Baldy Council - Western San Bernardino Region - merged with GLAAC and CIEC.
  4. San Gabriel Valley Council - merged with GLAAC and CIEC.

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