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The Boy Scouts of America operates the following councils to administer scouting programs for this region:

  1. Las Vegas Area Council
  2. Catalina Council - Tucson Area
  3. Grand Canyon Council - Phoenix and Northern Arizona
  4. Great Southwest Council - Four Corners Area
  5. San Diego-Imperial Council -

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  1. Arizona Baden-Powell Scouts Rover Troop 30 has established an Adult Scouter Group, a Rover Crew. This is an adult fraternal Scouting organization whose motto is simply "Service". As an organization, they are dedicated to support community projects and Troop 30's programs and equipment. Yet as a fraternal group of Scouters, they enjoy the activity of the "Open Air" and the fun of camping. The Crew believes that they can model the Patrol Method and Leadership Skills they expect their Boy Scout Group and Senior Scout Group to learn.

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